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Welcome to my gallery! (If you're new to DeviantArt, click on "Gallery" near the top of the page to see all of my work. From there choose a category or click "All" to show everything.)
Here you'll find a small selection of my art, old and new. I've invested countless hours into these works, as I am passionate about craftsmanship, always improving my techniques and striving to make my wearable pieces durable as well as detailed.
I am fascinated by art which is as rewarding on close inspection as it is at first glance, and hope to give my own work the same feeling of treasured significance. My great loves include my husband, all things MYST and D'ni, video games, cosplay, and observing tiny birds.

I keep many older cosplay photos at to avoid crowding DeviantArt. Please have a look!

Thanks for visiting! I hope you enjoy. :)
This is an awesome milestone in my time on DeviantArt. Today, I was thrilled to receive a third (!!) Daily Deviation, for my Little Hedgehog Sculpture, which pushed me up to 500 watchers!! :dance:

I try not to get too caught up in stats and numbers but I'll go ahead and flail here because to me, that's a lot - especially when it's so long between new uploads sometimes! Thank you so much for following my work and conveying your kind thoughts and support.

There is a fair backlog of pieces that I've been waiting to upload for one reason or another. Please stay tuned for more animal sculptures, miniatures, crystal machine jewelry, and costume photos!

I appreciate every one of you and hope you like what you see here in future! :aww:

Cheers and Happy Holidays!! ~Jean

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I see people are still waiting for Majora Masks...I'm kinda happy that I was the very first one two years ago. Time flies...But now I've been waiting for a custom cosplay to be made for me so it's like I'm getting the feeling of waiting for the mask all over again!

(This is my new account, deleted my old one since I don't use that username anymore and I was too cheap to do premium to change it)
AgentRose Jun 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for faving my donut bracelet :D [link]
DoomsEye Jun 15, 2013  Student General Artist
Your gallery is pretty amazing, and not just your Zelda stuff, but everything! I wish you'd sell the Majora's Mask(s) again, but I know all too well the life a busy artist, so I'm just thankful that your talent was recognized and you got some good cash for it.
Wow, thanks!
I'm not done with Majora's Masks yet, it's just that the construction method is still very much a work in progress. (And I do become busy with other projects often.)
I'm curious where you got the idea that I got good cash for it. :D Tons of requests, but few produced so far, so my actual take has not been much.
DoomsEye Jun 15, 2013  Student General Artist
Well, I thought people commissioned them, and since they're so high-quality, that you'd at least make a bit of profit. Sorry about that. Majora's Mask is insanely hard to make. The heart shape doesn't lend itself well to wearing, and the colors and details are hard to make really shine through. But you're awesome!
No worries!
Yeah, the radial horns and shallow dish-shape are pretty tough for slush-casting as well. I'm really glad you like mine! I'm still trying to improve my molds and process.
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Hello, i am a french fan of the saga myst. I am starting to create an page on facebook around Myst fan art and news, and I would like to known if I can expose some pictures of your work in order to present that to the french Myst lovers. Thank you in advance about your answer, positive or negative, and sorry for the most likely spelling or grammar mistakes on this comment.

The page adress:

Thank you for asking permission before posting my pictures. I appreciate your courtesy!
You may post about my work, though I prefer if you link back to my Myst gallery ([link] instead of uploading the pictures to facebook.

Good luck with your fan page! Thanks for wanting to include my art!
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