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June 22, 2011
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Jun 21, 2011, 8:23:05 PM
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New Majora's Mask Closeup by HylianJean New Majora's Mask Closeup by HylianJean
Here's the first painted casting from my new Majora's Mask mould. This took forever. .. For. ev. er.

All painted and blended by hand with a variety of brushes, most of them verrrrrry small.

However, I have established many of my processes now. Once I decide exactly what material is working best for the rest of the casts, they should go faster than this one did.

I hope.

Color, proportion, and shape choices were made in order to combine the official Nintendo image of the mask with its appearance in the game, leaning heavily toward the Nintendo art. Some concept art also shows the mask with curved horns, which I liked.

(Curious about the details? Check out the other progress photos in my gallery and scrapbook!)

:bulletred:Dimensions: 19x17 inches including horns
:bulletorange:Yes, I am selling these (please note me if you are serious about being added to the list to reserve one. Current wait is: A Long Time.)
:bulletgreen:Yes, they can be wearable (but they are intended for display so they're not the most comfortable things)
:bulletblue:Yes, they are expensive (current price is around $300 depending on features, plus shipping) - they are a ton of work to make

:bulletpurple:No, I don't sell unpainted ones, sorry :blushes:

SORRY EVERYBODY! I have way more requests for these than I can possibly handle right now, and haven't even had proper time to work on them this whole month, so I'm not taking any more names for a while. Check back in a few months please!

**Do not crop or in any way alter this image. If you post it elsewhere, please link back here and send me a note about it. Thank you!**

Edit: SO GRATEFUL for the DD! Wow, I've been overwhelmed all day by nice comments. It's really a boost, thank you all.
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Daily Deviation

Given 2012-12-21
New Majora's Mask Closeup by *HylianJean is a perfect reproduction! ( Suggested by cakecrumbs and Featured by Talty )
Makes me wish I had the cash for it. XD Oh well, someday maybe.
Kit-The-Wolfy Jan 7, 2014  Student General Artist
Compared to the sorta-faded colors it has in the original game, the bright ones you used make the mask look even more alien and creepy. Nice job!
The official Nintendo art uses pretty bold colors and I tended toward those since textures sometimes looked kind of washed-out in N64 games. Thanks! :)
Kit-The-Wolfy Jan 8, 2014  Student General Artist
I see! That's pretty neat. 
Wow that's so cool! I know your really back up on request but I would really like a mask! I'm actually asking 3 months before my b-day because maybe then you'd be able to make me one! But anyways great job and keep up the good work!
Thank you! I would love to say I'll have a mask for you by then but I can't be sure. I perpetually have half a dozen pots on the stove and masks keep getting moved to the back burner. I appreciate the advance notice! It's motivating to me for sure!
Also (I just want to make sure I'm right) one mask is 300$ plus shipping 
For the time being, that is correct. 
Katreno101 Dec 17, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I wish I could afford one. Or any Majoras mask replica for that matter, I don't understand why Nintindo didn't replicate these. Yours are absolutely amazing. But ill never be able to spend over a 100 on anything like this cause I just don't have the money. You did an outstanding job though!!!! :)
Please message me when a available ordering slot opens up. It would be greatly appreciated. It truly is a beautiful work of art!!!
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