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Just a lil' reblog from my Instagram in case you're curious what's up with this guy:
(More description at the link!)

If you've followed my Instagram, you might remember some mysterious images involving my unfinished lava dragon adopting some large eggs, and videos of cooking gross green slime! Actually unrelated to Volvagia, those eggs and the slime to fill them were props I made for this short film called Ryker, a fantasy story of a Viking farmer who becomes a warrior in order to rescue his beloved wife.

The film needs funding to get finished, but the footage they have shot so far is beautiful!
Check out a tantalizing sample of it in the trailer video on the Indiegogo page, and please consider donating because I would LOVE to see this film on a big screen (and my buddies' and my names in the credits, let's admit it).

(Let's also admit that our hero has a little bit of a Tom Hiddleston thing going. Not a problem.)

Here's our cinematographer's portfolio reel, as just one example of the talent behind Ryker:

Oh yes, Ryker is going to be a pretty film. 

Thanks, everybody!!

Hey everyone! =D
One of my Majora's Masks is getting done just in time for RCCC in Portland, so I decided to give it some embellishments and turn it into a costume for the weekend! If you'll be there, keep an eye out for it! If not, you can find a couple of teaser pictures on my Instagram (Hylianjean). I'll also be wandering around as San from Princess Mononoke and would be happy to say hi to you. ^_^

Hi, art-friends! I've been in convention prep mode for a while now so I haven't posted much that's new on DA. I wanted to remind you all that you can find slightly more frequent (and more random) stuff from me over on my Instagram, including but not limited to cosplay and artwork progress! 

Recently I've been wrapping up work on my Moiety Jean costume - my self as placed in the Myst/Riven/Uru universe. I've had this handle for many many years now but never had the look until it was designed and illustrated for me by my lovely friend shoomlah! I'll be wearing it to Mysterium which also happens to be where we first met! (Sensing a theme here!)

Ah, my friend! by shoomlah
It would be cool enough to cosplay from such a fantastic concept, but the fact that she drew this specifically for me just melts my brain. If you'll pardon me for gushing, I'm constantly floored and humbled by all the amazingly talented people in my life. Chances such as this, to squish our abilities together toward an idea, are something I relish indeed.
Hi everyone! I'm not doing a great job updating you here with scraps and work-in-progress pictures, but I've recently started using Instagram more and I'm finding it much easier to upload spur-of-the-moment photos there. 

If you use Instagram and you'd like to keep up with the fairly random process pictures of my art, please follow me! And if not, I'll still be posting my completed work and fancier images here when I can.

Welcome, new Watchers! Thanks so much for sticking around!

This is an awesome milestone in my time on DeviantArt. Today, I was thrilled to receive a third (!!) Daily Deviation, for my Little Hedgehog Sculpture, which pushed me up to 500 watchers!! :dance:

I try not to get too caught up in stats and numbers but I'll go ahead and flail here because to me, that's a lot - especially when it's so long between new uploads sometimes! Thank you so much for following my work and conveying your kind thoughts and support.

There is a fair backlog of pieces that I've been waiting to upload for one reason or another. Please stay tuned for more animal sculptures, miniatures, crystal machine jewelry, and costume photos!

I appreciate every one of you and hope you like what you see here in future! :aww:

Cheers and Happy Holidays!! ~Jean
Hi to my lovely watchers!!
This last weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to help create a short horror film for the 48 Hour Film Project. It was exciting and fascinating to learn more about the world of filmmaking. The best part, though, was that I got to meet some new friends, a few of whom visited my workspace yesterday. Our social media enthusiast, Paola, recorded bunches of hilarious mini-videos documenting the race to get our film in the door on time, and she made a couple videos in my studio too! Check out her reaction to some of the things around the room! :XD: :heart:

She also recorded me showing off my work-in-progress Volvagia cosplay. The reaction to him was a pretty big boost. :aww: It's kind of a teaser video for the costume so I thought you guys might enjoy this.. Muahaha.

Makes me feel excited again to get back to work on him and finish him up. Just need to get a couple of overdue sculptures done first! ;)

I tend to take a while to get new things posted to DeviantArt but when I do I am so deeply appreciative of all of your comments and +watches and faves. Thanks so much for your support, everyone!
Hi lovely watchers! PAX cruised by and I unsurprisingly didn't have Volvagia anywhere near ready, but I did put together a little video showing how his hands work and how very messy the left hand looks under the skin! At some point I'll get around to showing you a more updated WIP status of his head and neck. MAN still so much left to do on this guy. Maybe Sakuracon can be my next deadline? Time will tell!

Meanwhile I am working on half a dozen things at once right now, and trying to sort out a couple of good photos to upload of my slightly updated Princess Ruto cosplay that I did wear to PAX.

Anyway, hope you enjoy this video!…
I started working on Vol again, with this vague hope of perhaps wearing him around Penny Arcade Expo. This probably won't happen, at the current progress rate, but I'm glad to have unshelved him for the time being.

Presently, I've returned to the inch-by-inch, tape-and-test, reposition, tape-and-test tedium that is the process of building his big, articulate hands; this time, to give them skin. The understructure is nearly finished, there's just some rigging and elastic to put in the thumbs.

One never quite appreciates all the glorious and convenient properties of skin until one is trying to replicate as many of them as possible. Ugh. I can't seem to achieve "extremely stretchy," "minimal bunching" and "smooth scales" all at the same time, with the framework that's under there. "Water resistant" isn't even on the radar.

I'm chagrined at how often I spend months engineering my projects as I go, only to start getting nervous about how they start looking toward the end. Fret - NaNo24 Seems like there must have been some better way to do this but I can't think of it.

I hope paint and some textural detail will help after the skeleton is all covered. At least it's still moving reasonably well so far, even though I've lost about two inches of flexion at the claw tips due to fabric squishing into joints.

I haven't posted anything for quite a while but have been working on various projects. I basically gave up on Majora's Mask work this winter and plan to start back up when the weather becomes summery and good for resin casting outdoors, or whenever I finish my giant cosplay project of the moment, whichever is later. But said giant cosplay project is starting to develop a personality so I'm sharing a progress photo of his head, jawless though he is at the moment.

Does he look familiar?
A Glimmer of Life by HylianJean
(Some major perspective going on here. Those are grand horns.)

Will I get him finished in time for SakuraCon? Who knows? He is a sponge of effort and detail, able to compress weeks of labor into a singularity that allows little visual progress to escape. But slowly slowly he becomes symmetrical and refined and reinforced.

I'll be really happy when this silly head is finished. The whole costume is going to be an ordeal but it will be nice to be completely hidden in it for once.
I had to pause posting Queen Rutela cosplay photos from my shoot with Ed Tan so I could get ready for and attend Steamcon. I have a few more to post now, but are you guys sick of 'em?
Current Masks Status:
One fully resin test mask has been made from the new individual horn molds. To sum up, the resin didn't cooperate well for slush-casting in the horns, instead tending to go straight from Too-viscous-to-build-up-a-good-layer to Gonna-just-congeal-right-here-on-this-side-thanks. So I ended up learning a lot about pouring it, and about mixing it with polyfil and pasting it in, and about how much it stinks even when I'm outside in the breeze and I'm probably being poisoned.
Anyway, this mask is a bit heavier than the previous, non-resin ones, and I've only just begun to test paints on it. Next one, I will experiment with better inserts to displace resin from the center of the horns, making them effectively more hollow and thus lighter overall. This has turned into the eternal middle-burner project.
I've had a bunch more inquiries about Majora's Mask replica production status, so I thought you all might like an update.

Yep, I'm still working on them, but no, I haven't started taking names for a list again. My workspace has been awesome, though it hasn't sped up the work any. ^^; I've been doing a little here and a little there, all of it working on preparing to make masks and none of it actually making masks. Every time I try a new production method in this project it takes forever to bring its produce up to my standard.

In my continued attempts to come up with a casting process that doesn't involve hand-sculpting the back side of every mask's TEN HORNS, I've been making individual molds of the horns. I cast a new master set of them from the mask mold, and sculpted their back sides one last time (I hope) so that I could create molds of complete horns. I spent... um.. far too long sanding and patching and smoothing and am not satisfied with the result considering the work it took, but I had to call them finished. Then I built a custom cardboard container around each horn and filled it with silicone rubber; again, taking an annoyingly long time and using more silicone than I wanted to, despite my laborious efforts to craft the containers to minimize silicone use. At this time, six of the ten horn molds are made. Two of the remaining four are ready to pour. I may or may not have enough silicone left for them. :facepalm: Time to place an order!

At some point this stuff is going to stop taking me so long to do. Clearly I am not a Jedi yet.

I still haven't entirely figured out how I'm going to optimize construction of the back rim where the horns join the mask. The last mask I made had this entire back edge hand-surfaced in epoxy clay over a custom-fit cardboard platform. It turned out smooth and lovely and strong, but a bit heavy and waaaay too much work for one mask.

Though the evil has gone from the mask, its shape is still plenty evil and fights me every step of the way. Please cross your fingers for me that these molds will expediently produce beautiful piles of hollow resin horns!
You guys

If you love MYST, or remember it, or read the books, or didn't, or are remotely curious about this many-layered series I never seem to shut up about and which keeps inspiring my artwork,

you should read

this web comic... well, graphic novel? Illustrated adaptation? by :iconlarkinheather: larkinheather

It is still getting started, but I want to get you started on it.

--> MYST: The Book of Atrus - Comic by Heather Larkin <--

And while you're at it, please also follow Mystic Places, a tumblr run by my buddy :iconshoomlah: shoomlah whom you all probably know already because her art is fan-shmabulous. Mystic Places is filled with gorgeous and MYST-appropriate images and inspirations gathered in, I'll just say it, the finest of taste.

Basically, if you are a STEAMPUNK or love ANTIQUE THINGS and BREATHTAKING WORLDS you should get to know MYST. Seriously. If all you ever heard of was the CD-ROM game, you're missing out.
It's been a convention-heavy few weeks but I'm wrapping it up with Sakuracon this weekend. If you see Princess Mononoke on Friday or Queen Rutela on Saturday, feel free to say hi! I was up late making a spear/knife for San to pose with so I probably won't be there first thing in the morning, haha!
My household is moved! Getting everything arranged at the new place took a while but we are finally feeling settled. I have my new "studio" mostly set up with a nifty new (old) work table scored off of Craigslist! My husband bought me a handy angle-adjusting vise for Christmas and I've just recently gotten to clamp it to my work table and use it for the first time, to help with construction of what will hopefully become a new mold for the backs of Majora's Masks. Up to this point I've been sort of.. sculpting/carving the back of each mask and it's been WAY too time-consuming. I still haven't figured out what's going to be the lightweight, non-toxic filler between the front and back shells but.. ugh. One thing at a time.
So yes, I'm back to work on them, though somewhat intermittently.

Also Sakura-Con is coming up way too soon and Rutela isn't finished yet, and I was thinking I might try to enter her in the Cosplay Contest this year, at long last.

Lots of work to do!
Hi all!
It's been a long while since I posted any updates about Majora's Masks. Let me say first that the reaction to these things has been amazing and it's been awesome to make other Zelda fans so delighted. So thank you for your comments and requests, really! Especially, thank you to everyone who has been patiently sitting on the waiting list!

I have shipped off all the (very few) completed masks I've made, so my workspace no longer appears to have been invaded by parasitic, tribal horseshoe crabs. It's actually emptied quite a bit because I'm packing everything up for a move to a new residence early next year. The holidays are keeping me busy as well, so production is on hold again until my new workspace is set up. I'm hoping to arrange a dry, warm, ventilated space (difficult in our climate) so that I can give resin another go, as the first attempt was.. not good, and I'm going to need to make some separate horn molds in order to continue that way.

Nailing down materials to use that are lightweight, non-toxic, sturdy, workable, and affordable all at once has been next to impossible, and I've so far been cobbling together a lot of different substances. Each mask is an improvement on the previous ones, but they've been taking more and more time to make, instead of less, especially as I get into cosplay versions which are intended to be worn on the face, and thus need to avoid materials such as insulation foam which off-gas toxic fumes (and are in any case horribly messy and difficult to carve out smoothly concave).

So, they're still very limited run, and price is still subject to change, but trust that I am doing the best work I can on these. I'll update again in February or March when we're settled in.

Happy Holidays!
:bulletblue:[Edit - already have a taker! Thank you anyway!]

Hey guys, I've gotten about 8 hours into Skyward Sword and decided it's not for me. Wii controls have me tearing my hair out and I'm not having a good time. Makes me sad, because I always want to love a Zelda game. So I'm offering my GameStop bundle up for sale. It comes with the golden Wii Motion Plus controller and 25th anniversary music CD (haven't even taken the CD out of the disc box yet), nice shiny gold box. Everything looks like it was just opened, clean and new. I had to preorder this and it's not available online right now except through eBay, where most of them are going for more than the original price. I'll just ask the original price, $69.99, plus shipping. Not sure how much shipping will be, USPS priority if you like. Please drop me a note if you're interested. Thanks.

::shuffles off::
Thanks so much to all of you who said such uplifting things in my last journal entry! I'm really grateful!
I am (hopefully) done being sick and I'm feeling much less stressed, and even though I said I was on hiatus I actually have been working on my commissions, just slowly. (Though the masks are slow work anyway.)

I tried to keep up on my correspondence but if you sent me something and I haven't replied, please bug me and I'll get back to you.

I want to thank everyone who has shown interest in my masks and artwork. I have been trying very very hard but I have to take some time away for my health. Please accept my apologies if you have been waiting for a commission. I will let you know when I am ready to continue work.

Thanks for understanding.